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There are occasions where the employer gives the employee an opportunity to consider certain choices. Namely; 1. To request that the employee tender his/ her resignation; 2. To face possible dismissal subsequent to attending a disciplinary hearing; 3. Or to agree to the employment relationship terminating by mutual agreement. After the employee’s deliberations, 1. The employee might consider tendering his/ her resignation voluntarily. 2. Alternatively, the employee might decide to […]

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South African Labour Law Consultants

Cape Labour & Industrial Consultants, headed by Bernard Reisner, has provided Employment Law (Industrial Relations) services to employers across all market segments and industries since 1987. Cape Labour Law Consultants are service-orientated and strives to provide its clients with professional and cost effective advice, both in respect of the applicable laws and of a practical nature in order to present holistic solutions to all Labour related matters. Bernard Reisner combines […]

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