What is a training layoff?

A training layoff is a temporary suspension of work of a worker or group of workers that is used for training purposes; workers remain employed during the training layoff period and are paid a training allowance; participation in the training layoff scheme is voluntary and is an alternative to retrenchment; training is flexible but linked to the skills needs of the employer; the scheme is aimed at positioning workers and employers to take advantage of the next economic upturn and to save jobs and enterprises where possible.

Who qualifies for a Training Layoff?

Workers earning up to R180 000.00 per year and who are facing possible retrenchment; businesses that are in distress due to the economic crisis and that may benefit from the short term relief and be able to re-absorb the affected workers at the conclusion of the training layoff.

What is the CCMA’s role in the Training Layoff Scheme?

All requests to participate in the Training Layoff Scheme must be made via the CCMA; The CCMA recommends participation in the Scheme and facilitates the conclusion of a Training Layoff Agreement; The CCMA monitors and reports on Training Layoff Agreements to the Department of Labour; SETA’s facilitate the provision of Training.

How do i access the Training Layoff Scheme?

Complete a request to participate in the Training Layoff Scheme form and submit to the CCMA. If you and the other party have reached a written agreement on a training layoff, include it with the request. The Training Layoff Scheme may become an option during the facilitation or conciliation process, whereby the facilitator will assist the parties to reach an agreement on participation in the scheme.

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