With the exception only of those who work for fewer than 24 hours, all employees, irrespective of status or remuneration are entitled to annual leave of at least 21 consecutives days per annual leave cycle of 12 months, commencing on employment or at end of the previous leave cycle. Annual leave must be on full normal pay, and may in the absence of agreement to the contrary be granted at a time specified by the employer, except that leave must be taken within six months of the completion of the previous leave cycle. If a public holiday falls in a period of leave, the employees leave must be extended by a day.

The method of calculating leave due may be changed by agreement to one day’s leave for every 17 days worked, or one hour’s leave for every hours’ worked. If an employee takes occasional leave, the period of continuous annual leave may be reduced proportionately. Leave may not be taken during a period of sick leave or while the employee is on notice of termination of service, and an employer may not permit the employee to work during a period of leave, or pay the employee in lieu of leave, except on termination of employment. Employees must be paid for their leave before it commences or, by agreement, on normal pay days.

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