This is the primary piece of legislation which sets minimum standards of employment for employment contracts. Included in a contract of employment are written particulars of employment:
 The employer’s name and address ;
 The employee’s name;
 The employee’s occupation or a brief description of the work, which the
employee is employed;
 The place of work;
 The date of commencement of employment;
 The employee’s ordinary work hours and work days;
 The employee’s wage or the rate and method of calculating wages;
 The overtime rate (If any);
 Any other payments in cash or kind to which the employee is entitled to
(and, for payments in kind, the value of those payments);
 The date when remuneration will be paid;
 Details of any deductions that will be made from the remuneration;
 The amount of leave which can or must be taken;
 The period of notice

Changing the contract of employment

A contract of employment is the product of agreement between employer and employee. One of the consequences of this fact is that it cannot be changed by one party without the agreement of the other.

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