Labour inspectors do not issue spot fines.

Under no circumstances shall a Labour Inspector issue on-the-spot fines for non-compliance. In terms of non-compliance, a Labour Inspector, guided by the labour laws, can only issue the following notices – 14 days undertaking for non- compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act while for non-compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, an Inspector can issue a 60 days improvement notice and/or a 60 days contravention notice; and a prohibition notice to stop operations which can be revoked after an institution has fixed the items of concern.
An Inspector could refer the non-complying instruction to the Labour Court or the local Magistrate’s Court for further adjudication.

Bogus Labour Inspectors have been known to target businesses. They demand money from employers alleging it is for non-compliance with labour laws and they issue fines that they demand to be paid on the spot.

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