The National Minimum Wage Act sets South Africa’s first National Minimum Wage at R20.00 an hour, equivalent to R3 500.00 per month, dependent on the number of hours worked, and creates a phase-in period for farm workers, forestry workers and domestic workers.

From 03 December to 31 December 2018, the minimum wages for a domestic worker will be increased as per the Domestic Worker Sector Minimum Wages. This increase is only valid until 01 January 2019. With effect from this date the National Minimum Wage for domestic workers will be R15.00 per hour, regardless of the area in which they work noting that where the current minimum wage is higher than the one contained in the National Minimum Wage Act (Domestic Workers in Area A who work 27 ordinary hours per week or less), the higher rate will apply. Namely; R16.03 per hour calculated in terms of the number of hours worked.

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