What is the appropriate sanction for sexual harassment at Work?

In most cases, an employer would simply convene a disciplinary enquiry, and if the facts are indeed proven, dismiss the employee who is found guilty of sexual harassment at work.

Sexual Harassment at Work Information

Sexual harassment is the most heinous misconduct that plagues a workplace; not only is it demeaning to the victim, it undermines the dignity, integrity and self-worth of the employee harassed. The harshness of the wrong is compounded when the victim suffers it at the hands of his/her supervisor. Sexual harassment goes to the root of one’s being and must therefore be viewed from the point of view of a victim: how does he/she perceive it, and whether or not the perception is reasonable. In the circumstances, I believe, to force conciliation or mediation between the perpetrator and the victim further compounds the wrong.

Therefore, unless the victim agrees to any other form of resolution of a complaint of sexual harassment at work the employer should hold a disciplinary hearing against the perpetrator. A disciplinary hearing must however, be proceeded with, with the victim’s cooperation, where the victim, having raised the complaint, is uncomfortable with proceeding with any process whether formal or informal the employer must find a way to deal with the issue lest he be found culpable for failing to deal with the matter. In the latter case some form of counseling for the victim might be appropriate if the employer is of the means of providing it.

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