Horseplay can refer to any unsafe act that is caused by an individual and usually it is seen as “it’s all in the name of fun”. These unsafe acts include but are not limited to:


  • Pranks
  • Practical Jokes
  • Unauthorized competitions/contests
  • Harassment
  • Damage of company property
  • Intoxication (Year-end functions, Team Building)
  • Poor vehicle operation
  • Unsafe Acts as a result of fooling around.



Horseplay is an activity that usually starts out with harmless intentions.

An employee may act on impulse, during working hours, and do something silly which may result in disciplinary action being taken against that employee. The employee may be issued with a first or final written warning or may be dismissed, subsequent to a disciplinary hearing. In essence, progressive discipline may have to be adhered to dependent on the facts pertaining to the horseplay in question.


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