What do Employees and Employers need to know about Study Leave?

Labour legislation is silent on the matter of study leave. This is a matter of arrangement between the employer and the employee and if the employer stipulates that study leave must be deducted from the employee’s annual leave entitlement or be taken as unpaid leave, then that decision must apply. You will need a policy that covers various aspects.

It is best to possibly state in your policy that an employee may qualify for “x” number of days paid study leave if the course fits the company criteria for study leave ( i.e the course must have some relevance to the work being done by the employee to be considered for paid study leave.)

The MD/CEO must have the final say in all matters and his decision should be final and not be allowed to be challenged.

A policy can state that “the company does not pay employees while they are studying or writing exams – should you be studying, or writing exams, you need to arrange annual leave, or unpaid leave, with your immediate supervisor/manager”.

What Next?

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