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Resignation Letter South Africa

Writing a resignation letter is an important step in leaving your current job professionally. Whether you need a standard resignation letter, our guide and samples will help you ensure a smooth transition. Use our resignation letter sample for South Africa and follow our tips to create a professional and effective resignation letter.

What Is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter signals an employee’s intent to pass on his or her current position currently held. It is a document which is formally advising your employer that you are leaving your job. When writing yours it is important to keep it brief and simple. It typically includes the employee’s notice of resignation, the last working day, and often expresses gratitude for the employment opportunity and willingness to assist in the transition. A well-crafted resignation letter is an important part of the resignation process and helps maintain professionalism and positive relationships with the employer and colleagues.

Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

  • Be clear and concise: Clearly state your intention to resign and your last working day.
  • Maintain a professional tone: Keep your letter polite and formal.
  • Provide notice period: Mention the notice period as per your contract.
  • Offer to assist with the transition: Show your willingness to help make the transition smooth.
  • Avoid negative language: Refrain from speaking negatively about the company or colleagues.

What Should I Include in My Resignation Letter?

When writing a resignation letter, it’s important to ensure that it is professional, clear, and concise. A well-crafted resignation letter should include the following elements to make the transition smooth and maintain a positive relationship with your employer:

1. Your Intention to Resign:
Begin your resignation letter by clearly stating your intention to resign from your position. This should be a straightforward declaration to avoid any confusion. For example, you could start with, “I am writing to formally resign from my position as [Your Position] at [Company’s Name].”

2. Your Last Working Day:
Specify the date of your last working day. This is crucial as it sets the timeline for your departure and helps your employer plan for your replacement or transition of responsibilities. Typically, this date should align with the notice period stated in your employment contract, often two weeks from the date of the letter. For instance, “My last working day will be [Last Working Day].”

3. A Brief Reason for Your Resignation (Optional):
Including a reason is optional, but it can be a courteous gesture, especially if you have a good relationship with your employer. If you choose to provide a reason, keep it brief and professional. You might say, “I have decided to pursue a new opportunity that aligns more closely with my career goals.” If the reason is personal or sensitive, it is perfectly acceptable to omit it.

4. Gratitude for the Opportunity:
Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work at the company is a polite and professional touch. This can help leave a positive impression and maintain a good relationship for future references or networking. A simple statement like, “I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have gained during my time at [Company’s Name],” can go a long way.

5. Offer to Assist with the Transition:
Offering to help with the transition shows your professionalism and consideration for the company. This could involve training your replacement, completing pending projects, or simply being available to answer questions after you leave. You might include, “I am willing to assist with the transition in any way possible to ensure a smooth handover of my responsibilities.”

By including these elements, your resignation letter will be comprehensive and professional, helping to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your employer.

These following tips will help you draft the resignation letter properly:

  • You need to make sure that the style of writing is formal throughout. In case you are going to hand over the resignation letter personally to the department, do mention the complete address of your company.
  • If you are hesitant to give the true reason of your resignation, you can cite personal reasons to support your decision.
  • Always use polite and humble words as you may want to sustain long-term relationship with your company.
  • Always be prompt in making your decision public so that you can give enough time to others to find a suitable replacement.
  • It should be short and simple.
  • Never resort to flattery while praising the organization as it looks artificial and unprofessional.

Proof read your resignation letter to identify language errors such as wrongly spelt words, grammatically incorrect sentences, and many more.

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Sample Resignation Letter:

(Mr. /Ms. followed by the name of the HR person)
(Designation of the person)
(Name of the Company)

Salutation (Dear Sir/Madam),
This is to bring to your notice that I would like to resign from the company with effect from (mention the date of your last working day). I will serve my notice period of 30 days before leaving the company and provide all the necessary support to transfer my duties to my replacement.

Though working at (company name) was a great learning experience for me, yet I have decided to leave in order to move further in my career. I enjoyed working here and feel grateful for providing me with challenging opportunities in such a friendly work environment.

Please accept my resignation and inform me about all relieving formalities that need to be fulfilled.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

(Name of the Candidate)

Please Note: This resignation letter sample is provided for guidance only. The provided information, is not guaranteed for accuracy or legality and should be edited to fit your personal situation.

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