This promises to be the biggest public sector strike we have ever seen in the country. There was one in 2004, but not that widespread. In essence, government has offered 6% and the Union is holding out for approximately 12%. Although many of the sectors are essential services, such as nurses and policemen, they have threatened to strike as well. This will create an enormous problem especially the essential services of the city. We also will probably see teachers going out on strike and chaos at some schools.


This case has been argued in the Constitutional Court and we are awaiting the outcome. The initial Supreme Court of Appeal stated that employers have a right to choose their own sanctions for disciplinary offences at the workplace. The case put managerial prerogative back into disciplinary hearings and certainly, as an attorney, many of the decisions made by the CCMA and the various Bargaining Councils. It is argued that the CCMA was not judicial and that it did not have the normal judicial powers. We await the Court’s decision with bated breath.

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