We have had many queries with regard to the Maternity Leave and the Maternity benefits. In terms of the amended Unemployment Insurance Act, Section 24, and in particular, Section 24(3), the Maternity Benefit may not be more than the remuneration the contributor would have received if the contributor had not been on maternity leave. In other words, the employer may supplement the income the employee receives whilst on maternity leave to 100% of the normal salary. As an example, if the Department pays 45% of the employee’s salary as a benefit, then the company may supplement it by adding 55% to it. If the company pays any greater amount, then the UIF will pay less. The Department of Labour uses a sliding scale but normally pays anything from 43% to 63%.
If a contributor has a miscarriage during the third trimester, and there is a still-born child, the contributor is entitled to a maximum benefit of 6 weeks’ pay after the miscarriage or stillbirth.

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