Are you are an employer looking for professional and expert advice in terms of all labour-related matters. Cape Labour & Industrial Consultants, headed by Bernard Reisner, has provided Employment Law (Industrial Relations) services to employers across all market segments and industries since 1987.

Cape Labour Law Consultants are service-orientated and strives to provide its clients with professional and cost-effective advice, both in respect of the applicable laws and of a practical nature in order to present holistic solutions to all Labour related matters.

Bernard Reisner combines expertise in his field, and outstanding knowledge of South African Labour law principles and issues, with a superb ability to communicate and meet his clients’ unique needs.

Bernard has a unique insight into all aspects of workplace issues and is able to assist his clients with the best possible advice from a legal and practical perspective.

For more information about Cape Labour Law Consultants or have any questions about the labour law, please feel free to contact us.