Domestic Workers have for a long time been known as a lady who works in the homes of the upper class people, thus the term domestic worker

If you employ a domestic worker then it is critical to have a domestic worker contract. A Domestic Worker Contract is an agreement between the Employer and the Employee (Domestic Worker)

Why do I need a Domestic Worker Contract?

Having a domestic worker contract can save you a lot of time and money if any disagreements should arise with your domestic worker.

A domestic worker’s contract of employment may not be terminated unless a valid and fair reason exists and a fair procedure is followed

It is vital to include the following in a domestic worker contract:

  • Clearly define hours and days of work
  • Specify the rate of pay
  • Specify the rate of overtime
  • leave days, sick leave, family responsiblity leave, public holidays
  • Specify maternity leave (paid or unpaid) – entilted to 4 months

You must supply your domestic worker with a full job description included in their Domestic Worker Contract – as detailed as possible (in a hearing a person can always claim ignorance of their duties if not clearly stipulated)


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