Resolving Workplace Issues:

Consistency can be achieved by employers adhering to the following key principles:

1. An employer may not suddenly discipline for an act which was overlooked in the past. There is, however, nothing wrong with an employer becoming stricter with regard to certain issues, as long as employees are properly informed of the employer’s intentions in this regard.

2. All employees guilty of a breach of company rules should be charged (discipline should not be instituted selectively against employees).

3. All employees charged should be disciplined in the same way (generally speaking, if two employees are guilty of the same offence they should receive the same punishment).

workplace issues

While the consistent application of discipline is important (and “the hallmark of the progressive labour relations”), there will be times when an “employer may be justified in differentiating between employees who have committed similar offences”. Justification for doing so could be based on length of service, the gravity of the misconduct or seniority.

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