About CCMA Cape Town

CCMA Cape Town is a well-established government organization which aims at creating fair labour practices in the work place. The CCMA was established in 1995 after South Africa received a new constitution. The CCMA Cape Town is an independent power which also means that they are not associated with any other organization. Cape Labour ensures that all clients receive the most effective advice in terms of the CCMA regardless of any labour related quarrel.

The advent of the new Labour Relations Act (LRA) has raised expectations about the fundamental change in the nature of South African labour relations and of effective dispute resolution and collective bargaining in particular.

ccma cape town

For many observers, the replacement of the Industrial Court by the CCMA signals a shift from a highly adversarial model of relations to one based on promoting greater co-operation, industrial peace and social justice. The apparent shift seems all the more plausible as an unfolding democratization process intersects with the challenges of a highly competitive globalized economy, new forms of work organization and participative decision making.

CCMA Contact Details

Tel: 021-469-0111
Fax: 021-4657193 / 021-465-7187 / 021-462-5006
Email: ctn@ccma.org.za
Physical Address: CCMA House 78 Darling Street, Cape Town 8001
Postal Address: Private Bag X9167, Cape Town 8000

Directions to CCMA Cape Town:  Right into N2 (Settlers) – Continue Along N2 Highway – Right into Eastern Boulevard – Right into Strand Street- Continue Along Strand Street (R102) – Left into Buitenkant Street (M59) – Left into Darling Street (M4)

Regional CCMA Contact Details:

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For further information on Unfair Labour Practice or any labour related matters, you can contact Bernard Reisner:

W.Tel no.: 021-423-3959
Fax: 021-423-2105
Cell: 082-433-8714
E-mail: bernard@capelabour.co.za
Website: www.capelabour.co.za