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Cape Labour & Industrial Consultants is based in Cape Town. Headed by Bernard Reisner, Cape Labour & Industrial Consultants has provided Labour Law (Industrial Relations) and advice to employers across all market segments and industries since 1987.

Cape Labour is service-orientated and strives to provide its clients with professional labour consultants and cost effective advice, both in respect of the applicable laws and of a practical nature in order to present holistic solutions to all Labour related matters.

Bernard Reisner combines expertise in his field, and an outstanding knowledge of Labour law principles and issues, with a superb ability to communicate and meet his clients’ unique needs.

As labour consultants, Cape Labour & Industrial Consultants has a unique insight into all aspects of workplace issues and is able to assist his clients with the best possible advice from a legal and practical perspective.


  • Just a word of sincere thanks for your assistance with our labour issue. You acted as a true professional and guided us in the right direction.
    Leonard Smit
  • Thank you for the information on Domestic Workers’ Wage Increase. It will help us and will go a long way in ensuring that all domestic workers are fairly paid. Once again, thank you very much for remembering me. God bless!
  • Many thanks for keeping me updated with the latest minimum wage increases for domestic workers.   It is much appreciated.
    Cynthia Yarrington